Community Council

Council meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 7:30pm

Parish Priest: Fr. Dimitrios Gianniou

President: Peter Kourtakis

Vice-President, Community Relations and Communication:

Anastasios Zafiridis

2nd Vice-President

Frank Spiridoulias

Secretary: Tina Edwards

Treasurer: Dimitrios Nikolaidis

Treasurer for Senior’s Building:

Nick Triantafillou

Advisor to the Board: Nathan Hondronicols

Dance Group: Sue Zafiridis and Tony Halkeas

Building Committee: Athanasios Kavouras and Peter Moschos

GOYA: Sophia Zafiridis-Savruk and Fr. Dimitrios Gianniou

Festivals: George Thersidis

Food, Beverages & Funerals : Frank Spiridoulias

Entertainment: (By Committee)

Board Members: Elias Thersidis, Fotini Edwards (Greek School)

Community Secretary: Ekaterini (Rena) Georgakopoulos

Cantors: Peter Toublis, Nick Miminas and George Sholarchos.

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President - Peter Kourtakis

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The role and responsibilities of the Church Council members is to represent their parish and the Orthodox Christian faith as leaders of the community. The Council consists of the Priest and the elected members.

Mission of the Community Council

Our goal as the parish council is to practice and proclaim the Orthodox Christian Faith pure by setting an example for the parish and ensure that we provide an enjoyable and comfortable experience through our administration services towards our membership and non-members entering the front doors every day.

As ambassadors of Faith and your council representative, we encourage you to feel free and approach us for any inquiries you may have.